Harbor House Cafe

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Let’s talk 24/7 food and history shall we? Have you ever wondered where you can eat a Hawaiian omelet and a hot fudge brownie Sunday at 2AM? Maybe even a Guacamole Burger and a bucket of fries? How about some chicken fajitas and beer on tap? Harbor House cafe is the place.

Since 1939, the Harbor House Cafe has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with an unbelievable menu. It includes American, Italian, Mexican, and some Asian food. The two Locations are planted on the grounds of PCH in Sunset Beach and Dana Point.

The first time I ever walked in to Harbor House Cafe, I noticed the hundreds of famous later-day albums and movies covered all over the restaurant. On the walls and the ceiling, you will find albums, posters, artifacts and artwork of artists, movies and musicians throughout the entire restaurant. From the early 50’s to the late 90’s.

The breakfast here is amazing. Order some of these puppies (French toast) and you will definitely leave your stomach happy until lunch for sure! Maybe some Orange Juice, too.

Just next to the restaurant, you’ll notice there is a water tower which I found very interesting. It is in fact an oceanfront home! Including a couple of great bars and pubs which is walking distance from the restaurant. Down the street is the Irish Mist which is such a fun bar where you can drink like the Irish. Just next door from it is a bar called Brix, which has music performances on some nights during the week. I also really love schooners, they play the best music.

When you’ve lived in orange county your whole life, you will probably notice some of the restaurants that you favor and some you don’t. Harbor House has always been one that I love. The prices aren’t bad, the food doesn’t take a very long time to serve and there will always be a heated patio. Not bad, right?

The ambiance here really has a warm feeling as soon as you walk in. What a place to be late at night, one of the very few pancake houses that is still open and still busy at 3AM! When I come here, I would normally find large groups of people with friends or family in the back patio. Then, I noticed that the patio is heated too!

So, if you’re ever searching for a hot crab meat sandwich late at night, or breakfast after your shift, Harbor House is the place you need to try!


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