Birdie Bowl & Juicery: Keep yourself alive and cool


Nowadays, pressed juices and bowls filled with exotic fruits are very popular. I’m from Brazil, so I have always loved açaí. When I moved to the O.C., I couldn’t be happier to find out that they have açaí everywhere around here!

It was a hot, hot day. Well, if you live in Southern California, you know what I’m talking about. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m in a The Twilight Zone episode — that one with the Earth changing orbit and getting closer to the Sun each day. That’s why my friend and I decided to look for something refreshing to drink and we found Birdie, another hidden treasure.



When I say it’s hidden gem, it’s because it is literally kind of hidden. It’s located inside The O.C. Mix, down to your right when you enter. When we got there, I immediately noticed that they always make sure to use fresh ingredients. Their kitchen is a bit exposed, and you can see them peeling the apples, cutting vegetables and preparing the bowls.

They also keep the menu nice and simple — you can choose the fruits and/or green for you smoothie or bowl, with different toppings (like granola, berries, etc). If it’s your first time there, the staff will gladly explain the menu and give you tips.


I had a classic açaí smoothie, a nice blend of this fruit with some berries and almond milk. I was glad its consistency wasn’t too heavy — it was a light (but not extremely light) and refreshing drink, perfect for this Californian weather.


The juicery has also a great (and cute) sitting area with free wifi — just ask them the password — and power outlets. The place was filled with people with their laptops studying and getting some work done. Birdie is a great place to do that, since it has a quite and relaxed atmosphere. Their smoothies are a great meal if you’re on the go (you can add kale, spinach and other greens), so it can be very filling — a great option if you have tons of things to do and don’t have time to stop.


Another cool thing that they have is a little “loyalty card”. Every time you buy a bowl or smoothie, they stamp your card. When you get 10 stamps, you get a free bowl of your choice. Just another excuse to keep coming back!


I’m always looking for new places to have a nice açaí smoothie, so every week I’m trying out different spots. Birdie is on my top five now, and I can say that one of my new goals is to get my other 9 stamps (I know, I like to keep my goals very doable and simple)!


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