About the Real OC

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The Real OC is an internet destination presenting everything Orange County, which not only includes its residents but those who have an interest for its unique places, people and lifestyles.

Needless to say, there is definitely something that distinguishes those who lived in or currently reside within Orange County from those who haven’t but even if you’ve never had the chance to experience Orange County you can right here.

We encourage you to create a profile and utilize the social networking engine, which allows anyone from anywhere, to engage in user interaction and post content to signify the essence and uniqueness of Orange County.

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We are a “non-corporatized”organization which has deep respect for your independence, freedom, and privacy. This is contrary to other well known Internet establishments which are controlled by powerful oversized media conglomerates who only have an interest in using you and your personal information to fulfill their fundamental goal of infinite growth and profits.

We here at theRealOC.com pride ourselves on bringing you an online experience with strict privacy standards and amusing content generated by you, and others like you.

We welcome all of you to represent yourself and claim territory in The Real OC!